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We offer artistically designed Tibetan bells with dorje. The Bell and the dorje are used together during Buddhist prayer rituals. 

The bell creates a deep relaxing and reverberating sound used for chakra healing or meditation. Bells are used at different ceremonies, rituals or chanting for meditation, yoga, healing and sound therapy.

  • Bell and Dorje in brass finish
  • Bell comes in two sizes:
    • Small bell 3 inches in diameter, height approximately 5.5 inches ;  Dorje length approximately 4 inches
    • Large Bell 3.5 inches in diameter, height approximately 6.5 inches; Dorje length approximately 4.75 inches
  • All bells come with a wooden mallet as its striker
  • Made in India by local artisans

There could be slight variations from the picture, size and sounds.

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