Black Obsidian Palm Crystal Facial Roller Guasha Set Massage Roller Lava Bracelet Necklace Self Care Crystal Kit

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Black obsidian is the protection stone due to its properties to protect from negative energies and bring peace. It is a grounding stone that helps you to feel secure and grounded to earth. Thus giving us a feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. Black Obsidian Stone helps to stay calm and collected by letting a flow of positive energies around. It stimulates growth, protects and connects with the root chakra, which makes us feel safe.

Perfect Gift Box includes Black obsidian crystal facial roller guasha set, lava crystal mala and bracelet, and a palm stone.

Roller Total Length: 5.5 inches
Roller Bigger Side Width: 1.75 inches
Roller Smaller Side Width: 1 inches
Guasha Length: 3 inches
Guasha Width: 2 inches

Lava Beads are natural stones hand knotted into a necklace and bracelet
Necklace Mala has 108 beads and the length is approximately 36 inches
Bracelet is an elastic stretch cord knotted with a beautiful buddha charm.

Black Obsidian Palm Stone approximately 2.5 inches to 2.75 inches

The set comes in a beautiful box.

Stones are fragile. Please handle with care. These are made from Natural Stones, so no 2 stones will be similar.