FAST SHIPPING Skull Mala Hand Carved Necklace - Kali Skull Bead Mala for Meditation Yoga

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Add this beautiful piece to your jewelry collection. Add a sparkle with this beautiful skull mala to your yoga or meditation practice. Skull malas are used for reiki energy clearing, or chakra healing. Skull symbolizes liberation from fear. In Buddhism it is believed to have powers to destroy the obstacles to enlightenment. > Artistically designed hand crafted skull mala. The beautiful skull beads are hand carved. > Powerful Skull beads are hand made of resin. > Total length of the mala is approximately 36 inches > 1 big yellow resin skull, 8 white small resin skulls, 4 round glass beads, 4 long blue beads, 8 purple wood beads, 1 wood knot bead. Our pleasure to gift wrap it for you. Please select the option.