FAST SHIPPING Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Bell -Chakra Healing & Rieki Chakras Balance Yoga Meditation Decor Sound Bowl

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Our artistically designed Tibetan bell comes in yellow color, which is the color of solar plexus chakra. We offer 7 (seven) chakras meditation singing bells. You can play the Tibetan bell by striking the wooden mallet around the rim of the bell in circular motion. This make the bell sing like a singing bowl. Or it can be played by the handle of the bell. The bell creates a deep relaxing and reverberating sound used for chakra healing or meditation. Bells are used at different ceremonies, rituals or chanting for meditation, yoga, healing and sound therapy. Bell is in yellow finish, with solar plexus chakra symbol design Handle is in Golden finish Made in Brass Bell is approximately 3.5” in diameter - weighs about 0.8 lbs Total height is approximately 6" and handle length is approximately 3" All bells come with a wooden mallet as its striker There could be slight variations from the picture, size and sounds.