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9" Hand Etched Tara/Chakras Tibetan Singing Bowl

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We bring you the best Hand Hammered Singing Bowls, these are Authentic singing bowls used to create positive energies around. Hand hammered bowls create deep vibrations and sounds. The vibrations are used to reduce stress and help with stress/anxiety management.

The calming resonating soothing sounds created by the bowl create the perfect peace and healing you looking for.

Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl with Hand Etched Tara deity in the center with chakra symbols around. Beautifully hand crafted Chakra bowl creates very deep vibrations and sound for perfect healing and meditation sessions. The beautiful design is just an awe to the eye with Tibetan mantras and symbols.

Artistically handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowls by skilled artisans create the most musing sounds. These harmonized sounds create soothing vibrations which help in calming and relaxation. These top quality hand hammered Tibetan bowls are great for your yoga/meditation/mindfulness practices.

These are Authentic hand made sound bowls have deep vibrations to cleanse your surroundings and create a peaceful holistic aura around the space. Playing a singing bowl is a great stress buster and helps relax the body mind and soul.

> Size is approximately 9 inches

> All bowls come with its own hand sewn cushion and a wooden mallet as its striker.

> Cushion color will vary

> Hand Made in India by local artisans

Since every piece is individually hand hammered there could be slight variations from the picture, size and sounds.

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