Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Black Engraved Mantra Sound Bowl Set

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Tibetan Sound Bowl Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Singing Bowl Meditation - Black Buddha Yoga Reiki Mindfulness Heal Sound Therapy Bowl

Our Authentic Tibetan Mantra bowl creates the calming aura of energies and positive vibrations around for meditation, mindfulness, yoga, healing, therapy and relaxation. The vibrations and sound helps in healing and calming the whole body, mind and soul.

These artistically handcrafted Mantra Singing Bowl in black finish creates the most musing calming sounds. The outside of the bowl is beautifully hand painted with Tibetan mantras. The inside is carved with motifs all around and meditating Buddha in the center. The bowl creates soothing vibrations for healing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and relaxation. Includes a free bowl cushion and a wooden mallet for perfect calming sound.

In these challenging times we all need to find our balance and strength. Self care wellness is the only priority right now. Adding our singing bowl to your home space decor or new home office would create the peaceful enchanting environment you need to focus and keep up.

Send love and positive energy from afar with our best selling singing bowls!

  • Bowl is in Black finish, with hand painted mantras
  • Bowl comes in different sizes
  • All bowls come with a cushion and wooden mallet
  • Cushion color will vary
  • Made in India by local artisans


There could be slight variations from the picture, size and sounds.