Everyday Leather Pocket Diary - Mindfulness Yoga Reiki Journal

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Looking for Inner peace, harmony, and mindfulness? Try one of our handcrafted Journals with Hand made Recycled Paper. The tree of life symbolizes growth, grounding, and calmness.

Tree of Life Leather Journal, perfect for everyday use. Writing journals has traditionally been associated with strategies of managing stress. Tree of life signifies growth, development, calmness, spirituality, and enlightenment. As the branches of the tree are vast and strive to grow stronger, similarly we strive for greater wisdom, growth and knowledge through new experiences in life. These journals are the storytellers of our life's memo.

Purchase one for yourself and one for the special someone.

Material: Leather and Recycled handmade Paper
Size approximately 5"x3.5"x1.5" (H)x(L)x(W) inches