Natural Lepidolite Stone Healing Heart Crystal Gemstone Palm Stone Large Heart Reiki Energy Infused Healing Crystals

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Lepidolite is a beautiful stone of lavender hues that helps in soothing your heart, mind and soul. It is believed to be a mood stabilizing stone, which helps in bringing harmony within inner self.
The stone has been long used for anxiety, depression, mood swings, managing emotions and stress. It is a stone of emotional balance and harmony.

The listing is for 1 Lepidolite heart crystal stone.
Genuine Natural Lepidolite
Large Size is approximately 2 inches x 2.15 inches
Associates with Third Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Libra

Crystal stones have the healing ability, they are believed to unblock or stabilize the chakras in our body. Holding these stones in your palm have a strong healing property, help in centralizing the energy in our body and calming the mind. The energies from these stones clear the place around and removes all negativity. These chakra stones are used in meditation, reiki, yoga, chakra healing and energy balancing.

Please Note: These are natural stones, so no 2 stones will be same. There could be some difference from the photo and please allow 0.5 inches of size difference as these are hand carved stones.