Personalized Throat Chakra Self Care Wellness Gift Set/Box - Meditation Mindfulness Chakra Healing Balance Kit Wellness Care Package

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Free Shipping over $50 -> use coupon= FREESHIPPING50 15% off over $150 -> use coupon= FORYOU15 20% off over $200 -> use coupon= FORYOU20 OUR BEST SELLER SINGING BOWL with deep calming sounds. FREE <<>>SHIPPING WITHIN USA & CANADA. Get your singing bowl in 2- 6 days. Quick delivery. 1 DAY EXPEDITED SHIPPING AVAILABLE. PLEASE CHECK OPTION AT CHECK OUT Sending love and positive energy from afar with our best selling singing bowls! Unleash your inner zen with our best selling chakra gift set. The Perfect gift for any occasion. This could be the perfect gift for someone who is embarking on a meditation or mindfulness journey. Chakras helps in creating a life of peace, harmony and spiritual awakening. The kit includes: CHAKRA SINGING BOWL: The bowl creates a deep relaxing and reverberating sound used for chakra healing, meditation, yoga, or mindfulness. The bowl is beautifully hand painted with the chakra symbol inside and outside. Measures about 4.5 inches in diameter. Includes beautifully designed Singing Bowl Cushion, Bag & Mallet. CHAKRA ROLL-ON PERFUME: Chakra perfumes are a pure bliss to your senses. These create long lasting divine smell. The roll-on are great mood boosters, and helps in calming and relaxation. Bottle capacity: 8 ml. NAG CHAMPA INCENSE BOX: 15 Hand Rolled Meditation Incense Sticks. Simply Meditate or Cleanse your surroundings with our collection of nontoxic Incense. These are hand rolled in India using recyclable paper and smell just like the Temples in India. Gives you an essence of purity. Works wonders to calm your storms and create a meditative environment. You can enjoy the divinity of its scent at any time of the day. Burn time is approximately 30 minutes per stick. MEDITATION JOURNAL BOOK: Writing journals has traditionally been associated with strategies of managing stress. The meditating buddha symbolizes growth, grounding, and calmness. Handmade Paper Journal. May Vary. MEDITATION SCARF: OM Meditation scarf adds the warmth you need for your meditation practice. Scarf color may vary. PRAYER MALA & BRACELET: Prayer bead mala has been used through ages to count mantras during meditation sessions. This helps in focusing entirely on the mantras, thus leading to purely spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The Mala includes 108 pc beads. The Bracelet is an elastic stretch cord. There could be some variations from the picture, size, and tone.