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Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet Mala Necklace Jewelry Wrist Mala Beaded Crystal Jewelry

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Prayer bead malas have been used through ages to count mantras during meditation sessions. This helps in focusing entirely on the mantras, thus leading to purely spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Prayer malas are used for reiki energy clearing, or chakra healing.

The mala and bracelets could be used for reiki, yoga or meditation practice or adds a beautiful charm to your wrist or meditation space.

Tiger Eye crystal has the healing properties to calm your mind and help with self control. It helps in cleansing and opening the root chakra. It is a powerful stone that has many properties, brings you strength, confidence, release stress anxiety. The energies produced from the beads creates a positive aura around.

>Tiger Eye Beads are natural stones hand knotted into a necklace and bracelet

>Tiger Eye Necklace Mala has 108 beads and the length is approximately 36 inches

>Tiger Eye Bracelet is an elastic stretch cord knotted with a beautiful protection charm.